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A diverse range of brands designed to meet your various needs in health, beauty, fitness, and kitchen. With a focus on quality and innovation, each brand in our portfolio has been carefully selected to provide an exceptional experience to our customers. From health products designed to enhance your well-being to beauty products that help you discover your skin’s natural glow, we have it all. Not only that, but we also offer a variety of fitness equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals, as well as kitchen tools that make everyday cooking processes more enjoyable and efficient. We are committed to continually providing high-quality products that support a healthy and happy lifestyle for our customers.

Our Brands


Curble are the pioneer in posture chairs, a brand that has earned the coveted title of ‘Number 1 Posture Chair in Korea and Around the World.’ Hailing from Korea, our brand represents a legacy of innovation, quality, and ergonomic expertise.


Bodimax is a fitness and sports equipment brand from South Korea. Bodimax presents fitness products ranging from treadmills, spinning bikes and muscle exercise tools to support people having an active & healthy lifestyle.


Head Fitness is your ultimate partner in achieving peak physical performance and surpassing your fitness goals. Born from a passion for health and wellness, our brand is dedicated to providing high-quality


Happycall has proudly brought happiness to kitchens of over 20 countries worldwide, and continues to deliver high-quality products ranging from cookware to small appliances Made in Korea since 1999.


We bring Mosh! brand products from Japan, including : Milk bottle, thermos bottle, food thermos, tumbler & tank thermos. Manufactured from high quality material, without compromising health


In 2018, Neozen was established and provides high technology Home appliances products to serve customer better future. Our priority is to brings convenience and makes people loves using Neozen.


ROICHEN spend all day thinking about products for customers to use. Thanks to these efforts, we have been awarded the 'Consumer's Choice Award' We, ROICHEN , are very proud of being recognized by customers.


THOUGHTFUL, SOPHISTICATED, EARNEST. Siroca is a manufacturer of household electronic equipment from Japan that prioritizes product quality with modern designs in the hope of helping consumers live more practically.


Swiss Military stands as the epitome of precision, reliability, and sophistication in travel gear and tactical tools. Rooted in the rich heritage of Swiss craftsmanship, our brand embodies the essence of excellence and durability.


ASOBU® is a premium drinkware brand catered to the lives of modern men and women on the go. We were the first to offer 100% BPA Free Tritan bottles in Canada, and we never stop designing. To us, they’re more than just drinkware.


Disc Doctor studies the correct way to live a daily life and suggests a healthy way of life. Disc Doctor realizes numerous values ​​that lead to a healthy life with products that help with proper posture. We have searched for answers..


Sceller is a brand of food storage containers, designed for strong, durable, leak-free storage containers with unique and attractive colors and shapes. Scaller Food Box Food Storage Container Available in 3 colors

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